About Us

TopEssay.co.uk formerly known as Custom Writing Studio is a professional essay writing firm with professional attitude to the academic research and writing.

With TopEssay.co.uk, you receive highly skilled, energetic, academically proven writers with huge experience in essay and dissertation writing. You don’t want to involve with unnecessary disputes, high plagiarism or superfluous billing that would leave you feeling like what’s in your interest doesn’t really matter. To us, we ensure your work is with no plagiarised content, and always free alteration if anything you are not happy with.

Our Philosophy

Our aim is to thoroughly understand our client’s academic issues – their background of study, course details, assignment requirements and most importantly the underlying theories of the study subject. We then transfer those details to our professional academic writers and develop the best strategy through our greatest skills: research and writing.

Our philosophy towards essay writing is to help students to understand how to write an essay with the best example we can give. If you would like to improve your essay writing skills through learning from our essays, please contact one of our experts to discuss how we might serve you.