Our Guarantees

Our customer’s confidence and affection are earned by hard work and quality service deliver and not just blind trust. We are actually looking to build cooperation on the basis of understanding and mutual respect.

Grade Work Guarantee

When you order your custom essay from us, we guarantee that the grade of your work will be of first grade otherwise, your money will be refund completely. In case you discover that your work is of low standard and beyond your expectation, just lodge your complaint with our customer support who is ready to work in your favor and ensure that you will not only get your money refunded but will also get your order to the high standard free of charge.

As regard the standard marking policy, your work is guaranteed to meet the criteria ordered for. Your ordered paper is to be used only as the study guide. Also it helps you with your dissertation and essay writing. Our policy will not permit any student to tender their order, claim the order as their own and then ask for a refund in case it does not meet up with the expected requirement grade. As soon as the work is completed, our critiquing service does use a marking sheet to let you know your expected mark when your work is submitted to your lecturer or professor. This marking sheet is used as advise to you on how you can improve in your essay if need be. However, if your work is marked by your professional writers as second class upper, then you have great assurance of 2.1 otherwise you are guarantee to take your money back from us. The marking policy can be viewed.

We Guarantee Timely Delivery of Your Order

TopEssay.co.uk guarantees that your essay request will be completed and delivered at the right time within your deadline limit. Our guarantee decimates any pinch and providing you a full refund of your money. Even though, there is no probability that your essay work will be delayed, we guarantee full money back and letting you have access to your prepared document. Additionally, TopEssay.co.uk provides a service of free essay writing so as to compensate you.

Guarantee for Absolute Plagiarism-Free Papers

TopEssay.co.uk guarantees that your order will be completely processed every from the scratch. Every of our academic writers are aware of the effects of plagiarism; hence plagiarism has no place in our company and services considering our high reputation among the rest. We guarantee that your essay order will be plagiarism-free otherwise you can claim your money back. In addition, your paper will be re-written free in case any plagiarism is detected. Even though, the circumstance like this is uncommon. In case you find out that your order is plagiarized, make sure you get back to us instantly and if you claim our essay paper as your own, we are not responsible for that and there is no money back guarantee for you. The essay paper is to be used basically as a study guide or resource for your further learning.

Comprehensive Plagiarism Scan

All the order we prepare is fully scanned so as to alleviate your apprehension. Full authenticity of our work is ensured through the use of copyscape and other software mean for detecting plagiarism. Indeed, our clients have no reason for doubting the originality of our services and the end products. Reason being that no order is delivered to any client unless our Quality Assurance Department has thoroughly checked and cross its standard. Ever since we begin operation, it has never been on record that we cause academic problems to any of our clients because of our negligence and plagiarism. Your work is compared to more than a million essays in over 10 billion web pages and also against 400,000 journals, previous works and digital books in order to make sure you have original work. TopEssay.co.uk will also offer a free scan copy too.

Copyrights Guarantee

TopEssay.co.uk guarantees that your order is under the re-sale promise. This implies that your essay order will not be shown on any external databases or websites. Also, we guarantee never to re-sale, exploit, publish or give it out as sample at any time.

Guarantee for Vast Experience Writers

Be rest assured that our expertise writers are knowledgeable in their areas of specialization and none has less than 5 years of relevance experience. TopEssay.co.uk functions under strict regulations and writer standards. We employ academic writers that have good experience and presently practicing in your subject field only. We consciously engage our personnel through rigorous and competitive selections in order to sustain standard academic writing, known for our company. Again, we also create a team of editors to see to it that all orders meet all the formatting, outline and arrangement. Our writers are expected to abide to all our standards and guidelines so as to remain as employee of TopEssay.co.uk. Finally, our writers are individually native speakers in English, French, Spanish, Germans and other major languages.

Guarantee of Complimentary Quality Report

TopEssay.co.uk QA department carry out thorough reviews on the essay ordered in order to make sure that your requirements are met with high standard. We apply all the necessary checks and balances to deliver your expectation in the order you placed. At the completion of your order, a review will critique for little grammatical mistakes and original detected references.

Our Free Revision Guarantee Is Indefinite

Just to advance our support for customization, we provide a whole 14 days of unlimited revisions freely for customer whose paper falls short of requirements and guidelines. In order words, we offer free revision even after the completion and delivery of a job (paper). Better still; our clients can equally request to review the draft of his or her job even while the job is still in progress and request the writer for some adjustments. In order words, if your essay work does not meet your requirements for any reason, you must contact us within seven and fourteen days starting from the date of your order delivery. We are limited to a 7 day amendment service for essay writing while the dissertation paper has a 14days amendment service.

Guarantee on Time Amendment Delivery

We guarantee that all amendment will be made on time but normally the amendment delivery is within 24 hrs. Meanwhile our standard return policy needs about 48 hrs at most. TopEssay.co.uk provides 10% discount whenever there is delay in the amendments.

Guarantee for 100% Client Confidentiality

When you use our services for your academic work, your details will be treated with privacy and confidentiality. It is very hard for anyone to find out that a particular client uses TopEssay.co.uk because it is our policy never to disclose the identity of our clients to 3rd parties. Without any doubt, every online company that worth its sale is not unaware that information protection is very vital, it is even more fragile and sensitive when ordering custom made essays from TopEssay.co.uk.
TopEssay.co.uk is particularly distinguished because of our effective handling of confidential facts about clients and their orders. This is the more reason why we ask our clients to supply just information relevant for payment confirmation and effective order completion and no unauthorized individuals have access to it. So be rest assured that your private information is in safe hand when you give it to us.