Is BICYCLES a good market in which to set up a new business?

1.    Introduction The global bicycle industry is a large one expected to reach $65 billion by 2019 (Lucintel, 2015). The exponential growth and potential of this market is explained by the rising fuel prices, ever growing traffic congestion, and preference of cycling as a source of fitness and recreational activity (Research & Markets, 2014). People [...]

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Butterflies Musical Conference

Table of Contents Table of Contents. 2 1.    Introduction.. 2 1.1     Event background (Story of butterflies. 2 1.2     Event mission (the overall objective
). 2 2.    Planning (CSF’s, Primary Project, Gant chart). 2 3.    Stakeholders. 2 4.    Team.... 2 5.    Budget. 2 6.    Benefit. 2 7.    Risk.. 2 8.    Evaluation.. 2 9.    Conclusion.. 2 Bibliography.. 2 [...]

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Analysis of Functional Public Art

Reason for topic selection According to Neill and Ridley (2013), public art is not just any form of art but principle and mechanisms that are employed in specific areas to improve the changing environment courtesy of different art works. In addition, Neill and Ridley (2013) argue that public art is part of the public history [...]

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How to become a successful student in university?

A general per-conceived notion is, that in order to be a successful student, one must study. These, however, are theories of the past. New studies show that children who are allowed an all-round development are far more successful in their studies. A successful student, in my opinion, should be someone who manages their time effectively. [...]

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How to sustain in college and be academically successful?

To sustain in a college environment, one needs to know the rule of "survival of the fittest" so as to get their life set on right path. One has to concentrate on his academics, or term paper. A successful student revises his lessons by writing essays about what he received in the lecture. He is [...]

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How to be a good at writing

A cliched proverb said that teachers are our first parents and parents are our second teachers. So if a student does not behave properly and do not obey teachers then how can he/she be called a good student? A student is said to be a perfect or successful when he/she meets deadlines, accepts all the [...]

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How to be a successful student at university

To be successful, students must possess qualities like 3 D's (determination, dedication and devotion), crave for knowledge, passion for the field in which they are interested in excelling and some basic qualities such as sharp concentration, perseverance, punctuality, discipline and quick grasping skills. Organization of time is very much essential for excellence. Well planned layout [...]

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