To sustain in a college environment, one needs to know the rule of “survival of the fittest” so as to get their life set on right path. One has to concentrate on his academics, or term paper. A successful student revises his lessons by writing essays about what he received in the lecture. He is determined to accept challenging tasks and complete them in the deadline. One can be ‘termed’ ambitious when he feels competitive in every section of his life and is anxious about his dreams. This boils down to very point, that is, dedicated efforts are required to achieve desired goals.

A successful student a mix of words which is misunderstood by many. People think one has to be of a particular age or have certain qualifications in order to be a successful student but this is not true. Most importantly a successful students should possess one quality, i.e., the willingness to learn. This quality in itself is a storehouse of several hidden qualities some of which include- paying proper attention,effective listening and taking interest in a particular topic. Time organizing is an important factor in order to be a successful student. Time should not only be spent on listening, rather it should be divided for listening, implementing and revising all of which are important requirements in order to be a good student. The most effective way to gain knowledge is to cultivate a habit of listening patiently. None of us are geniuses by birth,we become geniuses by patiently learning from everyone around us and all that requires is listening with patience. No essay can be written on a successful student, nor can any term paper test the ability of a good student. In order to be a good student one should be able to meet all deadlines, have perseverance, courage to face challenging situations. Necessities of a good student include several features like being dedicated,being anxious about the happenings around us,being determined to find out answers and never taking ‘no’ as an answer. This is a competitive world full of ambitious people and the only key to success in this world is to concentrate on quality and success will surely follow.

In order to be a successful student, one requires being highly ambitious, intellect, make sound use of common sense, determined and challenging. A successful student is competitive and knows to manage time effectively, be anxious about following deadlines and dedicated towards academics and co-curricular activities. The excellence does not just lie in hard work but working smartly and strengthening ones weaker areas would act as a key for long term success. The effective way to gain knowledge is to depict learning into practice in the form of essay. The perseverance and competitive nature of a person brings out better results in a student. Time is a very crucial resource which needs to be capitalized for better planning. Planning tasks effectively, organizing time and effort well, making better decisions would go a long way in creating a successful student.


Well, success, as we put it, is a very relative term. Life of a student is such that he has to learn a lot and there are expectations from every corner.

What qualities should a successful student possess?

Perseverance is the first requirement as he might face various failures at every stage. Being dedicated to and ambitious about his goals will help him overcome any challenging situation.

He should be competitive but not get so anxious in any situation that he undergoes mental pressure. He should, and his parents should help him in keeping his calm while meeting deadlines, and always know that there is more to life than just securing better marks on his report card.

How to organize your time correctly?

It is always better to study regularly than wait for the last minute before term paper. you maintain a balance between studies and your other interests.


He who has learnt effectively what a school and the student life need to teach, has become a student par excellence and a successful one at that.