The most important part of writing a dissertation project/paper is a properly developed dissertation structure. The dissertation structure forms the papers objectives and the research strategy used by the writer. Therefore, one can only develop a dissertation after deciding on the topic of the project and defining the methods and strategies he or she needs to use.

A dissertation paper begins with the development of an abstract, where the writer mentions about his work. The abstract is followed by an introduction which gives brief overview of the paper. Additionally, the elaboration of the theoretical background is advanced in a chapter referred to as the “literature review”. The writer evaluates the already presented information of the topic, comparing and contrasting an idea which acts a way of informing the reader.

Further, the writer describes his findings and results. Describing what has been achieved in the research and how important and helpful the results were and whether the efforts were justified. Conclusion is the last part of the dissertation. In this section, final ideas and achievements are presented.

References are advanced which are formatted and edited according to the required writing style.

The above elucidations posit that an introduction is a very essential part of any writing. It is the mirror of the body paragraphs and the topic of discussion in general. For the research papers and dissertations, the abstract, and the theoretical background in the dissertation are very vital as they indicate writer’s knowledge of his topic.