To be successful, students must possess qualities like 3 D’s (determination, dedication and devotion), crave for knowledge, passion for the field in which they are interested in excelling and some basic qualities such as sharp concentration, perseverance, punctuality, discipline and quick grasping skills. Organization of time is very much essential for excellence. Well planned layout and systematic implementation of the same is required. There is no easy way to gain knowledge, passion and interest being important parameters which govern the possibility of an individual to be called knowledgeable. Exploring the subjects beyond the boundary including creativity and smart work is highly preferred in today\’s challenging and competitive world. Last but the most important is keeping an ambition, dreams and trying the maximum to put in efforts to make it successful is a priority.

A successful student is the one who is dedicated towards his studies and determined to achieve success in his academic career. To be successful he/she should be ambitious and should strive hard to fulfill his/her ambitions. A successful student does not only concentrate on the essays assigned in the class perhaps he/she is anxious about the term papers which take place from time. He/she always tries to be competitive with other fellow class mates. He/she has high perseverance for his/her efforts. The most effective way to gain knowledge is to live in a company of people who are more experienced and have a pool of knowledge.

A successful student should be dedicated to his studies, determined, competitive and ambitious. He should also have perseverance in his work because sometimes it gets challenging. In addition, he should have good time management skills. The best way for a student to organize his time correctly is to have a timetable and adhere to it. This way, he will be able to complete his assignments or term papers even before the deadline. A successful student should always endeavor to gain all the knowledge he can in his field of study. He can do this, for example, by writing essays that give him an opportunity to do in-depth research on a particular aspect of his field of study.

I’ve been to school for almost 15 years now, and about one thing I’m absolutely positive, success doesn’t mean being the best but doing your best.
Being a successful student doesn’t require that you get top grades in all your subjects. It goes beyond that. You can be the best in your year and still not be a successful student. For me, a successful student is one who knows how to value his time by using it in accomplishing things for the betterment of his self. He knows how to balance everything- play, work, church, and studies. He can attend to his tasks diligently without suffering the quality of his works. A successful student is one who knows how to play with his strength but will never use it to his own personal advantage. A successful student has love for learning but he will never get to the point of hurting anybody just for it. He knows how to prioritize things, sets great value to his own integrity, and has a knack for solidarity that everyone finds him approachable and easy to get along with. He never stops when he fails but instead keeps on persevering until such time as he achieves what he wants.