Refund Policy

In, money back guarantee implies our applicable refunds policy and it is divisible into 2 broad areas; Prior customer approval of the review version and after customer’s approval

In each of the condition above, VAT payment is exclusive of refund where the customer is living within European Union territory. In order word, VAT, Discounts and our extras like plagiarism report, abstract, top priority support and top writers are not refundable.

–       Prior to Approval

A client is qualifying to one hundred percent (100%) refund provided there was error in the payment such as double payment, similar orders and the rest. You will be refunded as soon as the case is officially reported to us provided no writer is been assigned for the job. Also, full refund could be done if the deadline is elapse and the paper is no more useful because of our lateness. Here, you will not receive the paper and you do not have any legal right for using those we had sent earlier (excluding revisions). You will not obtain 100% refund or any refund at all if you request revision of your paper.

70% can be refunded where: A writer has already been ascribed to your paper and he had done more than 50% of the deadline. Obviously, since the writer has begun work on your order, he or she must be duly paid compensation.

You are entitled to 50% refund provided: Some has already started working on your order and more than 50% of the deadline has gone. For any reason, we cannot offer you a writer to carry on your revision.

For failing to meet the deadline, a new price of the order will be recalculated based on the deadline which the paper was eventually been delivered. For instance, in case a paper is ordered within the deadline of 8 hours but the paper is delivered in 12 hours, we are bound to refund the 4 hours difference. Please note that this is not applicable to revision papers.

–       After the Approval of paper

All clients are at liberty to review their order and probably request for some adjustments. Meanwhile, the moment the “Approve” button is pressed by you, you are no longer qualifying for refund. Do not forget that as soon as the approved button is pressed, you are implying that the job has no complaints and you are fully satisfied. You are therefore strongly advised never to press “Approved” button if you are yet to be satisfied with the quality of the job.

Following your approval, you will be given 7 days to request for a revision, provided the page are not more than 20 pages. Anything above 20 pages will take 14 days request for review following approval.